The Basel 2015:Breitling’s First Smartwatch B55

By the Apple watch’s coming out,the smartwatch begins to innovate,it is a Cross-border competition,what it will bring to the traditional discount rolex replica watch industry makes the fans more expect.However,the traditional watch brand is not very calm while facing the Cross-border competition,or say they do not meet changes with constancy,they take positive actions to against the change insteaded.In the future,we could expect a battle without smoke between traditional watch industry and cross-border among who there are individual watch-maker even super star.For instance,Breitling Inc. will publish its first smartwatch B55 in Basel.

巴塞尔2015:百年灵首款智能手表B55  (点击图片翻页)
Referring to the aircraft watch,Breitling is deserved to be the top one.At last year,Breitling launched its first self-made movement B50-an electronic multifunctional chronograph movement which was called “SuperQuartz”movement time.It has a function of show time both hand and figures.It is special made for pilot so there is many kinds of innovative functions display its simple but clear buy rolex replica to be read.Meanwhile,it is also a pioneer of Breitling’s new round innovation.Nowadays,by the B55’s appear,it is claimed that B50 movement has perfectly completed its mission.
For Breitling,connecting watch’s function with smart phone,it is not a difficult thing,but it not means watch’s performance will lower than phone.Breitling B55 wrist watch is still occupying the dominated place,to connect with smart phone is just to improve users’comfort level.It could complement each other and give full advances for each other by connecting the smart phone and smart watch.On the basis of the advantage that the smart phone’s screen display and the ergonomico operation interface,B55 could make users easily to adjust(time adjusted,timezone conversion,clock setting,display and operating data and night mode included)through the smart phone.
It do make the watch’s comfor level and availability factor improved.Meanwhile,users could upload the date from chronograph watch to the smart phone which make the data reading,saving and transferring more easy.The brand new smart interactive wrist watch system was designed by Breitling so it remained the brand spirit of INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALSTM.Besides,B55 has a technical buy fake rolex appearance,the case takes high strength and carbonizationblack titanium,and with blue wireless signal identification in the dial,the classical blue and black theme is continued by the fitted rubber band.