Talking about Homemade Movement

Watch mostly adopts several big stopwatch discount rolex replica  provided by the manufacturer of polishing or secondary development, such as the famous Swiss ETA movement factory which is the most choice for kinds of watches, since swatch group/ETA started to discuss the limited supply, a lot of wrist watch manufacturers began to research and develop independent its own movement.The high cost of movement of r&d investment, small production, the price is so high.However, in the case of the increase in the price, or based on more reveal its brand value,it seems that homemade movement is an irreversible trend, or in the short term trend, however, its movement is really that important?Let’s talk about it.名家细谈手表自产机芯  (点击图片翻页)
CEO of Frédéric Wenger,Arnold & Son Says:”Homemade movement is very important, especially for high-end watches.Because the movement of exclusivity, and homemade movement can also become a wrist watch inner part of the design and characteristics.Design movement from the beginning, therefore, to perfect match to create movement before they completed the design of the buy rolex replica  watch.This is the way Arnold&Son who make it different.Finally,an excellent wrist watch not only for its all parts are homemadem but also its whole aesthetis,functions and quality are perfectly well.So the key point always be ignored and it is a little superficial to talk about to use homemade movement or take suppliers’ movement.”””we should not forget that in last 70s there were many brands went bankrupt,parts of them had homemade movement and expensive cost.If people who made the decision ignored some simple industry consideration,history would be repeated for some brands.To looking for threshold quantity and achieving economies of scale were most important two points in industry consideration.
The founder and CEO of Guillaume Tetu,Hautlence says:”some customers and collectors need homemade movement as the certification of capability.But for us,it is referred to creativity-It is cannot be found in the catalogue supplied by suppliers that the display and ideas designed by us,we manufacturing knowledge independently.It is a problem about pellucidity,what we are honest for what buy fake rolex we will do and the reason of the things we will do.”