New Proportions Of Perfect Fake Rolex Submariner Case/Bracelet UK

First, the case. Yes, it is larger, but only by a small margin. To be fair, the extra one millimetre in diameter in rather hard to perceive. There’s not much to complain about here, and even though I’m personally a strong advocate of smaller watches, the increased size is certainly not a deal-breaker and won’t change my mind about this new model. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that the 2020 quality replica Rolex Submariner feels a bit more compact on the wrist than the previous 116610.

The reason for that is the updated proportions. The lugs are thinner, more tapered and more “pointy”, bringing a lighter look to the case and, for the pleasure of many enthusiasts, reminiscent of the older 5-digit references. Combined with the wider bracelet, this rebalances the watch and virtually makes it (a bit) less present and less bulky. My main complaint about the previous references – the 2008-2020 generation – was the squarish shape of the “super case”. Now that this is gone, I can see a slight dosage of elegance back in the game. Lug-to-lug dimensions and thickness, even though not yet properly measured, felt almost identical to the previous references, so no major issues here.

Fake Rolex Submariner Date 41 Watch For Men

The bezel is still made of glossy ceramic with a platinum PVD-coated 60-minute scale and is, as usual, a pleasure to use. The rotation on 120 clicks is both firm to engage and smooth to actuate, with the usual high-end feel that Rolex is known for. The dial has been very subtly updated, as the hour Mercedes hand is now wider and slightly shorter. The minute hand has been increased in length and now touches the minute track. Other than that, no major evolution and the signature Submariner look is always present.

Once again, there are some changes in proportions, though. The increased size of the watch benefits the dial opening it up to make the watch more modern, or at least, less cluttered. The whole face of the watch has been rebalanced (once again, we’re talking minor updates…) but this is perceptible on the wrist.

UK Ice Blue Dials Fake Rolex Day-Date Watches For Females

Christmas really nears! It is high time for you to prepare presents! Here, I’d like to recommend you fancy watches copy Rolex Day-Date with ice blue dials that are designed for females. Ladies must be satisfied with the precious presents.

The luxury fake watches are decorated with diamonds.

Fake Rolex Day-Date 118346 Watches With Diamonds

The 36 mm replica watches made from platinum can make the slender wrists of the female prominent. The ice blue dials are extremely charming. The version of 118346 is decorated with diamonds on the bezel and its hour marks are made from diamonds and sapphires.

The ice blue dials copy watches have ice blue dials.

Platinum Copy Rolex Day-Date 118206 Watches

If you don’t want to buy the eye-catching version, how about the low-key one – 118206 without diamonds and sapphires. The elegant watches fake Rolex are also made from platinum and have ice blue dials. The watches are also wonderful and they are cheaper than 118346.