Two Kinds Of Classical Rolex Datejust Fake Watches For You

For a long time, the impression on Rolex is always that appearance. In addition to the changes of materials and dials, it seems that they do not have any other differences. While in fact the technology and craft are updating. So today we will bring you two kinds of classical fake watches with self-winding movements.

Automatic Movements,18K Rose Golden And Steel Cases, 36MM, Pink Dials, Diamonds Plating

The elegant ladies’ watches are equipped with 10 luxury and glorious diamonds with the pink dials to cater the taste. The 18k rose golden cases echo with the pink pattern dials to improve the beauty of the whole watches.

Automatic Movement, Steel Cases, 36MM, Blue Dials, Roman Numeral

The Rolex copy watches with blue dials are quite suitable for people who do not like larger diameter watches. The blue color brings the temperament and profundities. It is not only fitful for ladies, but also for gentlemen.

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