SIHH2012:40 Years Legend Audemars Piguet Ultra-thin Hollow out Watch

2012 was a very special year for discount rolex replica Audemars Piguet for the 40th anniversary of its classic royal oak.Therefore,AP specially launched the ultra-thin hollow out watch to celebrate it which is sporty and have a high grade watchmaking craft.It has only 40 pieces and would be come out in SIHH2012.
In 1972, by the late master of watchmaker Gerald Genta design new royal oak table, with unique design of octagon, break traditional stereotypes of style, as noble activity, caused an outcry at the time;Today Royal Oak is the table index for the brand, then derived the Royal Oak Offshore type (Royal Oak Offshore international) more leading the trends of big table size, take advanced clock domain to the new buy fake rolex look.SIHH2012:40年的传奇爱彼表超薄镂空表  (点击图片翻页)
This time so as to salute to the classic series launched “slim core out radiocarpal joint watch” royal oak, with home-cured 5122 sort automatic chain ultra-thin movement, the thickness of solely three.05 mm, with forty years agone, initial printed within the royal tree watches will carry 2121 sort machine core thickness within the same;Different is, the kind 5122 movement additional show the complete of exquisite craft, the bridge plate fully deconstructionism, hollow out, and impose fine sharpening by hand.Automatic plate with twenty two k gold, with a “symbol of AP Royal Oak” 1972-2012;And royal oak notable tapisserie cloth patterns cannot performance on core out dial, modification to act the role of table back edge, is one among the replica rolex watches  highlights.