Rolex New Model Cellini Series Comes into China Market

In 2014,the world’s famous brand Rolex discount rolex replica cooperated with International reputation of the Salzburg Festival to support the music party which has almost lasts about one century.In addition,to perform  the unique and importance,Rolex invited the chairman of Salzburg Festival to enjoy the party together and exclusively performed an amazing performance.And Rolex announced that its new series which introduced in Barselworld 2014 has been come into China.
In 2012, the rolex and widespread “salzburg festival” cooperation relationship.With the model of adhere to the pursuit of the sweetness, the mission of rolex coincides with “salzburg festival” beliefs.Since then, mutual facilitate artists action is outstanding, and promote and popularize music everywhere the globe.”Salzburg festival” into work is an element of nearly a century to prime the unceasing pursuit of art, to bring prime quality performance is that the efforts of the parties to its lifespan.In 2015, “salzburg festival” can enter the ninety fifth, the chairman Dr. Helga Rabl – Stadler, and buy rolex replica  next year are going to be a novel music genre event.劳力士新款Cellini系列中国上市  (点击图片翻页)
The climax of the dinner from “salzburg festival” exclusive gift performance – the notable Russian singer Ildar Abdrazakov man To Italian piano player Allesandro Misciasi conjointly supply four songs singing show, man Showed a passion for art and meticulous dedication perspective, a lot of create the audience to expertise the “salzburg festival” because it were, the charm of distinctive atmosphere.For the suit of the urban center pageant eve classic theme, conjointly celebrated from city in 2014 launched the rolex watches and clocks jewellery exhibition new Cellini series formally listed in China.This series consists of twelve classical watch, every model area unit set skilled technology and exquisite craft, show adequately rolex watchmaking tradition of meaning.Concise and chic lines, noble and luxurious material and exquisite luxurious embellish, buy fake rolex all details area unit accord with the principle of the maker.