“Immortal Van Gogh”Feeling Reflected Art Exhibition Special VIP was Held in Shanghai Xintiandi

On Apr thirty, 2015, “immortal van gogh” feeling discount rolex replica  mirrored exposition that watch table important person special performance was command at Shanghai xintiandi taiping lake park.The painter exhibition in associate degree sudden thanks to Shanghai!More than 3000 painter painting multi-sensory audio-visual feast, over 2000 sq. meters new world art castle stood au fait the taiping lake, world art master “immortal van gogh” feeling mirrored exposition comprehensive subversion of ancient idea of the exhibition.
On July 29, 1890, thanks to mental state, had stop the correct ear, the oise watercourse in France when shot himself, at the age of thirty seven.After the death of Vincent painter van gogh’s works, “the starlit night”, “sunflower” and “have ravens catcher” so on, has firmly established itself mutually of the world’s most celebrated and acknowledge and precious works of art.
HUBLOT divas sponsored “immortal van gogh” feeling mirrored art exhibitions, become its official watches, upset the fusion of ancient art and trendy audio-visual, recorded in time excellent art, within the house of flows to eternity.We sincerely invite you with our feeling that watch table “fusion of art and also the art of the unexampled feast.
Hublot  said, larger China top dog of the exhibition, we will not solely thereupon watch table, for the primary time feel the buy fake rolex art feast, will see on the scene watch table “convergence” of art.
Exhibition, watch 1st reviewed the past in conjunction with everyone have done some things within the field of art.The permanent stand from Xu Zhen cooperation with celebrated modern artists in capital of Red China 798 art district public art, to join forces with the international vision creator bird genus diffuse new ambassador international piano champion lang lang, ar distinctive attempt once more and once more.The youngest from domestic personal gallery M high condensation di WOODS to ninety when the new generation artists cooperation, all while not exception shows that watch table support for rising artists.From the watch list with romero, textile in numerous art cooperation to Chris lee and watch flash art, ar telling the watch list for art wide tentacles.In addition, Placido Domingo, revolutionist in-store decoration art, celebrated street artists Brainwash (Mr Brainwash) special style works of art, curled Szechuan real flowers to strap the depth of the inventive innovation, everything simply watch love art a begin, the long run that watch list can fusion a lot breitling replica of and a lot of.