Generation of Watch King:Patek Philippe Published the Most Complex Model Ref.5175

Patek philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand which discount rolex replica founded in 1839, each watch’s average retail price is between $13000 to $20000.Patek philippe on the clock technology has always been in a leading position.It has a number of patents.The watches are in the original factory to use manual delicate, insist on reliable quality, beautiful, and good tradition.With its intense quality consciousness, exquisite technology,Patek Philippe  has created the world promoting clock brand.一代表王:百达翡丽推出旗下最复杂腕表Ref.5175  (点击图片翻页)
Early in the 16th century, manufacturing of deep cultural has sprout in Geneva.Geneva early clock makers is not only a craft, with an almost fanatical enthusiasm, they work on the appearance and performance to achieve perfection.
This spirit of chasing perfect on the manufacture of buy rolex replica watches is passed from generation to generation, and in 1838, it became entrepreneurial base of pictet (Antoine DE Patek).A few years later, the clockmaker Philippe (Adricn Philippe) joined the company, soon later, two people changed the history of watchmaking.They created the new inventions, patents, such as chain on the crown and adjustment device, and for its mechanical movement accuracy in a number of records which has not been broken.
In 2014,Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary, fans are focusing on the watch king will publish what kind of work; early test in the Barsel is all ready for October 175 anniversary, to Swiss time on October 13, patek philippe finally officially released a series of the 175th anniversary of the limited series watch in Patek Philippe Museum to satisfy people’s long waiting and hope.Among them the key point is the Ref. 5175R’s Grandmaster Chime, global set limit to 7 rounds,and one is for the patek philippe museum collection, referring to the pricing part…Please let me take a deep breath, it is 2.5 million Swiss francs, or about 16 million RMB.一代表王:百达翡丽推出旗下最复杂腕表Ref.5175  (点击图片翻页)
But Ref.5175’s worth nearly 10 million is happen to be,it’s a most complex kind of wrist watch since patek philippe’sfactory founded,it togethered 20 complex functions in one.It is also only after Star Caliber 2000 the 21 items of complex function.Ref. 5175 has any big, small, 3 time, perpetual calendar, phases of the moon, time, date, herald the alarm…
It is not a difficult thing for Patek philippe to make complex function,however,to get together such kinds of complex function,it still a hard process for the watch king.Just under develop,produce and assemble,Ref. 5175 wastes about 100,000 hours,only movement parts wastes about 60,000hours.The parts of movement luxury fake rolex which carries Caliber GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM are as many as 1366 pieces.