Duang:The Global 200 Limited Edition for Aerowatch 1942 Series

For Chinese people,may be it is a little unfamiliar with replica watches Aerowatch for its low profile management.However,i have paid attention on Aerowatch’s every activity,at that time,Aerowatch still has no Chinese name,i wrote the introduce for 52watch and now the most of the information came from the article i wrote several years ago.Aerowatch is a brand who is rather low profile,the pocket watch which was published by Aerowatch were all beloved by myself.So while i saw the masterpiece of watches,i felt they were born from pocket watch.

DUANG表情:Aerowatch爱罗表1942系列全球200枚限量版  (点击图片翻页)
Swiss AéRO-WATCH was founded in 1910,it was outstanding producer for pendicle and pocket watch.It founded kinds of competitive products for years.The international well-known Aero started to produce Swiss highest quality pocket watch since 1910.It provided 250 kinds.Like Golden,silver,stainless steel,925 silver,14K and 18K gold.All movements took Swiss ETA Unitas 6497 and 6498.
In 19s,an eminent collector had ever claimed on public: the clock world is a place of amazing.”Every corner is full of surprise.”However,there was a little change,we are trying to provide higher quality products for 21st.A small company continued to produce diversification pocket replica watches watch and most of them were copied from last century.In 70s,by the electronic quartz movement,L.E.D and L.C.D’s rising,Accurist’s lectronic quartz watch
chose to be the special watch for new Concorde fighter jets mechanists.In 1983,after two years of hard research and development,Andrew Loftus tried every to manage the business his parents reserved and then moved the manufacturing base from Swiss to Japan,in the later three years,Accurist’s business in UK approved 500 percent.
In 1993,Accurist had been the biggst watch brand of UK.Royal Observatory in Greenwich required to be innovated,Accurist caught the chance to catch up with many ideas,finallt,Accurist made it the first and the only company to cooperate with Royal Observatory.It provided atomic clock for offical to record the global time.To memory of this creation,”Greenwich Commemorative collecftion” ceremony series were launched to 20
countries.In the end of1997,Accurist moved its headquarters back to West Hampstead,;ondon,UK.At the same year,Accurist won the award of “Volume watch brand of the year “.DUANG表情:Aerowatch爱罗表1942系列全球200枚限量版  (点击图片翻页)
In 1999,Accurist published series of accu.2 which leaded by young people.A frenzy of advertise said “no ordinary old timer” rapidly developed 1500 channels of distribution in UK.With creative replica watches ideas and great promotion,accu.2 became young people’s chasing products.