Cartier Paris Classical Time Hopping Calendar Wrist Watch

Cartier SA,a Paris horologe and jewelry manufacturer was replica rolex  founded by Louis-François Cartier in Montorgueil 31,Paris.In 1874,his son Alfred Cartier inherited the administration authority.Then his grandchildren Louis Cartier,Pierre Cartier and Jis Cartier developped it to be the world famous brand.Now it is the subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA.In 1904,it had ever designed a world’s first wrist watch-Cartier Santos for the pilot named Claiton Alberto Fontoura dos Santos.Cartier 卡地亚巴黎经典系列跳时日历腕表  (点击图片翻页)
For the reason why classical watch could have the unique reputation in humanbeings technology aesthetics,it is just like the famous people’s reputation in the long history:they release special temperament,they luxury fake rolex state the legend and adventure at the age by their own experiences.Franco Cologni,the writer of “Cartier The Tank Watch”considered that Tank is also one of the minority VIO,it has same status with the famous VIP.Tank’s historical localization means the real start age of wrist watch.It also witnessed an age that reform and fluctuate of time concept and measurement.
1911,an age of celebrating the speed and endurance,daring and precision,beauty and rigor which Tank was official launched.Tank’s framework,design and parts not only in the lead of other watches in those years,but even in today,it is keeping pace with the times;To combine distinguished sense and Avant Garde design,it also can keep responding the new tech challenges.The reason why Cartier Tank could be the classic is it existence not limited to single aura or era;on the contrary,Tank experienced the changes of history and culture during its life and at the time of new century,on the one hand,it damaged nothing and almost has no major changes by the changing times;on the other hand,for the different appearance of different times,it sticks to the basic features of the geometric aesthetic concepts and also keeps developing to design a great variety and different temperament models of watch,Tank à Vis Jumping Hour Collection Privée Cartier Paris is ace of time hopping calendar watch.Cartier 卡地亚巴黎经典系列跳时日历腕表  (点击图片翻页)
On the exterior,the Tank à Vis has a size of 28*40mm square bezel decorated with four exposed screws.Besides,on the dial equipped a time hopping visual window,at the place of 6 o ‘clock is hopping date,perfectly break though the traditional design.Of cause the most distinctive is the arc time hopping window.With the discount rolex replica vertical type digisplay,it comes to be elegent.