Baselworld 2015:de GRISOGONO will Launch Instrumento N°Uno Tourbillon

Previously,de GRISOGONO’s advertisement showed  discount rolex replica that they would publish a new product which on the left there was a shield of a watch case,it could be considered as an attractive piece.It hasn’t been launched till the Basel 2015 opened.It is the series of Instrumento N°Uno Tourbillon watch whose design keynote is WHEN APPARENT SIMPLICITY BELIES INTRINSIC COMPLEXITY.

de GRISOGONO巴塞尔放大招推出Instrumento N°Uno Tourbillon腕表  (点击图片翻页)
As we all know,in the clock world,the more simple model,the more complex inside,hide inside always the top standard in GRISOGONO is also chasing this concept and try best to make a wristwatch by fusion of elegent and complex techonogy.They keeps looking for difference by the accumulated techology of the long history,for instance,the clock master Richard Daners invented free balance escapement.
Tourbillon is the representative as techology and creation by top luxury watches,such high-tech craft was created by Breguet in 1795 and it was applied for a patent in 1801.The main function of Tourbillon is to solve the time difference in different orientation which caused by earth gravity,for gravity will make the balance wheel’s movement speed or sloe down.To sort out the difficult,Breguet created the Tourbillon equipment which was a special escapement layout.It has a traditional horse escapement structure,there are many parts fixed in a frame which looks like a cage.While the cage buy rolex replica rotates,it means the cenrte of Tourbillon module rotates for 360 degree which is the normative Breguet Tourbillon.

de GRISOGONO巴塞尔放大招推出Instrumento N°Uno Tourbillon腕表  (点击图片翻页)
There is another stucture called free Tourbillon or fly Tourbillom which was created by a German watch maker Alferd Helwig in 1930.The Tourbillon of 1868 was belong to the kind.The biggest difference comparing to Breguet Tourbillon is that it cancel the module of upper plate and becomes the module fixed by bottom.It rotates like Breguet Tourbillon,so why could it say special?For it is the lightest Tourbillon module which is less than 0.5gram,it could inprove the vibrational frequency to 28,800 times for each hour.The material of plywoods atr titanium alloy.It won’t rust and lighter and has higher hardness;theoretically,he lighter the better of Tourbillon module for it cold rotate and there is a group of escapement which could slow down the load of weight,Tubillon will run more smoothly and needs less kinetic energy.So the endurance,vibration strength and veracity will GRISOGONO巴塞尔放大招推出Instrumento N°Uno Tourbillon腕表  (点击图片翻页)
The Aisa clock prodigy-Kiu Tai Yu is the first Asian to make Tourbillon watch in 1991,and won the The invention patent for 20 years in 1993.At present,there are such Tourbilon in the world:
1.The first generation of the tourbillon luxury fake rolex watch(The first stucture-Tourbillon)
2.The second generation of the tourbillon watch(The second stucture-Flying Tourbillon)
3.The third generation of Mystery Tourbillon