Arnold & Son Launches New Tourbillon Watch TBTE

Performing British traditional watchmaking,Arnold & Son discount rolex replica launched a new watch TBTE which carries homemade A&S8503 movement and leap second  such complex function,This typical royal series watch combine typical style and advance technology.Tourbillon movement is world’s most elegant and complex watchmaking caft and plays an important role in the history of Arnold.John Arnold is a outstanding watchmaker.he takes an active part in the most extraordinary cooperation in the field of innovating watchmaking.Exactly,he had ever cooperated with Mr.Breguet closely,they shared the knowledge and enthusiasm with each other.John Arnold’s number 11 movement which is Breguet’s first Tourbillon could witness their partnership.The watch could be found in British Museum located in LondonArnold & Son 全新TBTE陀飞轮腕表  (点击图片翻页)
TBTE is only has the function of Tourbillon,but also set the leap buy fake rolex second which is Arnold’s complex function,it is regarded as the necessary precisely chrono watch for navigation.To distinguish with traditional machnical watch,leap second movement has to be check the time of the whole seconds which is not only rely on the scores of balance frequency.This watch is made to solute to the watches which were made by John Arnold and his son who developed the marine timer could be in mass production at a reasonable price.These advantage tecnologies and the widely used timer reflect Arnold’s commitment of chasing excellent accuracy and also sort out the problem of longitude on the sea.
Adhering to the tradition,watchmakers of Arnold & Son are enthusiastic about creating watches with complex functions.TBTE is a typical watch which acheves the  innovation, technicality and constructivism.The pointer on the dial center could fully perform the function of leap second.Therefore,the tourbillon was set breitling replica on the dial face to let people enjoy the amazing complex function.